The Five Element Acupuncture Symposium 2012
Continuing the Journey™
October 5 - 7, 2012

"In a word... Awesome!"

The fourth annual Symposium, featuring another stellar cast of senior practitioners,
teachers, and leaders in the field, received rave reviews from participants.
We were all grateful for our beautiful, spacious, waterfront facility, the Marina del Rey Hotel.

** The 2013 Symposium will take place September 27-29, 2013! **
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Symposium 2012 Participants

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Featured Speakers:
Niki Bilton   •   Roy Cappellaro   •   Steve “Tuna”Flores
Ian Florian   •   David Goodell   •   Pat Gorman
Chuck Graham   •   Neil Gumenick   •   Eliot Ivanhoe
Khosrow Khalighi   •   Lynn Schwartz   •   Linda Simons

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Symposium 2012 Archive.

Stay tuned for information about a pre-2013 Symposium
2-day Roots and Branches Five Element Medical Qi Gong Certification Training,
led by Pat Gorman, Steve Flores, and guest teachers.

Wonderful! I loved every minute. The presenters were outstanding – fresh, deeply passionate about the work, and highly skilled. The setting, social, and camaraderie were the icing on the cake. There was an abundance of talent in the room – participants and instructors alike - and deep respect for each other. This Symposium is outstanding, year after year. In fact, it gets better every year.

~ Linda Simons, M.Ac., L.Ac, R.N.  

I am so grateful for the vision and creation of this Symposium. I appreciated the vast and varied knowledge and experience, the mix of lecture and experiential teaching, and the participation and accessibility of teachers. It was wonderful for me to be immersed in our tradition.

~ Sally Laux, B.S.N., M.Ac.  

Great facilities. The presenters were generous with their knowledge and experience. To meet and exchange ideas with fellow Five Element practitioners was wonderful. The event was truly inspiring and great fun.

~ Robert Peterson, MSTOM, L.Ac.  

Laughing and learning with the masters of my tradition – I am so grateful to all of you and your sharing talents. The information was clear, thought provoking, and easy to assimilate. I am ready to do more in my practice now.

~ Lauren Matzen, M.Ac.  

It was excellent, well worth coming for. It was very nice to be able to see and hear from people who studied with J.R. Worsley. I felt like I was with family.

~ Jeanne Snyder, M.D.  

It is so important for Five Element practitioners to gather together, share ideas, challenge each other. Symposiums like this are the lifeblood of our tradition.

~ David Berkshire, MAOM, L.Ac.  

I am so glad that I made the journey to this Symposium. It has exceeded my expectations. I loved how most of the presentations included hands-on experiential exercises which are so needed in our training, but often lacking. I absolutely loved the rapport, odor tents, and zero balancing exercises. I hope to use this great knowledge in my practice.

~ Charmian Traynor, L.Ac, CMT, MTCM  

Informative, authentic, valuable, inspiring, very important and deeply appreciated.

~ Jennifer Apedaile, DTCM, R.Ac.  

Very inspiring and insightful talks delved so deep into the soul of this medicine and of healing. I appreciated the amount of experiential interaction as well as lecture.

~ Aimee Miller, MTCM, L.Ac.  

Excellent – more than I would have imagined – amazing presenters. I am so looking forward to next year’s Symposium. I loved the interaction, the community, the participation of all, and meeting so many amazing people. Thank you!

~ Cynthia Graves, MSTOM, L.Ac.  

It keeps getting better and better. A beautiful cast of presenters and great topics made it a very special event. I will be back!

~ Erica Montheard, MSTOM, L.Ac.  

It was very well organized with a great variety of speakers. I very much appreciate bringing the Five Element community together to share their experience. The Symposium was a lovely and informative event.

~ Chuck Graham, M.Ac., L.Ac.  

A wonderful coming together of our community for learning together.

~ April Hulvershorn, M.Ac., L.Ac.  

What a wonderful opportunity to learn and share with other Five Element practitioners. This meeting provides a welcome time and place to hone skills and deepen knowledge. This is the third time I've attended and it keeps getting better and better. Thank you!

~ Andrea Kachuck, M.D.  

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