The Five Element Acupuncture Symposium 2012
Continuing the Journey™
October 5 - 7, 2012

"In a word... Awesome!"

The fourth annual Symposium, featuring another stellar cast of senior practitioners,
teachers, and leaders in the field, received rave reviews from participants.
We were all grateful for our beautiful, spacious, waterfront facility, the Marina del Rey Hotel.

Photo Gallery

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Symposium 2012 Participants

Symposium 2012 Presenters
Front Row L to R: Margaret Olmsted, Linda Simons, Lynn Schwartz, Eliot Ivanhoe, Ian Florian, Pat Gorman, Niki Bilton
Back Row L to R: David Goodell, Neil Gumenick, Steve "Tuna" Flores, Roy Capellaro, Chick Graham

Neil teaching Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Neil teaching Practitioner/Patient Rapport Skills

Niki Bilton teaching the Skills of Diagnosis of Odor and Sound

Niki Bilton's Dedicated Tents for Experiencing Odors

...and inside those Dedicated Tents

Roy Capellaro teaching the Anatomy of Bone

Roy Capellaro getting participants on their feet, teaching how bones are layered so that all will embody the ideas!

Roy teaching Zero Balancing - The Half Moon Fulcrum

Participants practice the Half Moon Fulcrum

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