5 Element Medical Qi Gong Certificate Program
September 25-26, 2013
8:30AM - 5:30 PM

- A clear, powerful transmission for beginners and experienced
Qi Gong practitioners that precisely matches the 5 Element tradition.

Presented by Pat Gorman, Stephen Flores, and Margaret Olmsted.

14 CA & FL CEUs and 14 NCCAOM PDAs Approved.

Registration fees:
      Register by June 7.........................$320

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Now, for the first time, with Roots and Branches Five Element Qi Gong, you can learn simple yet powerful moves to share with your patients, knowing precisely how those moves will support your treatments.

Qi Gong is entirely within our scope of practice as acupuncturists and is receiving international acclaim. Add this extraordinary work, which is precisely aligned with your Five Element treatments as a powerful support and addition to your practice.

Here is what acupuncturists and health professionals are saying:

Harvard University has just published a major book on the positive effects of Qi Gong and T'ai Chi entitled "Harvard Medical School guide to T'ai Chi – 12 weeks to a healthy body, strong heart and sharp mind."

The New England Journal of Medicine published a major study in February, 2012 on how T'ai Chi improves balance in people with Parkinson's disease. – The study was based on Qi Gong moves.

One of the most wonderful things about this Five Element Qi Gong program is learning moves, not just for myself but for my patients. The focus on "Principles of Movement" helped enormously. I've never taught T'ai Chi or Qi Gong, so the special one-on-one techniques I learned are invaluable with my patients, and the effects are both powerful and empowering.

~ Shion Bushner, Ac.M., (CTA, UK)  

Consistently practicing T'ai Chi and Roots and Branches Five Element Qi Gong improves my physical health, mental clarity, sense of purpose and focus enormously. No other activity I have done comes close. Taking responsibility for being at my best also benefits my patients by improving the quality of care I can offer to them. This is why I practice it daily and why those patients of mine who do so as well enjoy much better health.

I consider it indispensable for those who are very ill, as it supports their treatments daily, often restoring them at a deeper level than acupuncture alone. While T'ai Chi takes a long time to learn, the simple movements of Roots and Branches Qi Gong can be learned and practiced right away by almost anyone."

~ David Goodell, L.Ac., M.Ac.,  
Author: Opening the Gate of Life  

I practice Roots and Branches Five Element Qi Gong daily and use some very simple moves with my patients. Here's one case:

Background: A male Earth CF, fell backwards on his neck and had hernia surgery ( C3 – C4). Some of his complaints were: loss of power in his legs and stiffness, coordination in right arm, spasms in his belly and legs and extremely tired due to lack of sleep. He could not even look upwards. During his third treatment, I started him on a simple move, adding others as we went along. All these complaints are gone, from a combination of treatments and this Qi Gong. He practices daily, using the DVD, and enjoys it tremendously.

He says: "I feel more grounded, and now I move with ease. I am lighter, I now have energy to do things. I'm even clearing out my house to make more space.

~ Gerrie Sporken, Ac.M.( CTA, UK )  

1) I introduced the first move, "Embracing the Tao", to a woman in very bad health, 75 years old, asthmatic, overweight and diabetic. I got her to her feet (which was hard for her) and had her do it just 15 seconds, then rest, and try again for about 30 seconds. She looked me right in the eye and said, "You know, I have been wheezing all day and now I am breathing normally. That has never happened to me before."

2) One of my patients is a small intestine CF, 40 years old, with very weak Wei Qi. She was five months pregnant with her second child, and had been experiencing extreme itching all over her body. It was so bad that she would scratch at night to the point of drawing blood. It was interfering with her sleep and making her even more exhausted than she usually is. Once she learned and practiced the first three moves, the itching went away. Whenever it came back, all she had to do was start Qi Gong and it would go away in a few minutes and last for at least a day.

3) I taught a patient of mine two simple moves. He is 92 years old, still lives independently and is frail and has cardiac problems. He does quite well when he gets sleep at night and does poorly when he does not. If he does the Qi Gong, he always sleeps well. This has made a huge difference in his energy and overall demeanor. He is quicker of step, more steady on his feet, and his pulses have settled into a quieter and more steady rhythm.

~ Peggy Watson, L.Ac., M.Ac  

Some quotes from my patients:

"Using these practices has helped me to feel more grounded and create a more meaningful and long lasting meditation practice. I am able to sit for longer periods of time and stay in the meditation… tomorrow will be the end of my third week of a committed daily practice. Combining these two together I feel more relaxed, and also more engaged and engaging with others. Thank you."

"I found that this Roots and Branches Five Element Qi Gong is such a beneficial warm-up in several ways. It actually "warms" me by getting the Chi and blood flowing. It helps my mind to relax and focus…"

~ Edna M Brandt, L.Ac.  
Licensed acupuncturist since 1989  

I have been practicing and teaching Roots and Branches Five Element Qi Gong for many years and have seen profound changes in my students and in myself. These exercises have an immediate and long-term strengthening effect on our physical, mental and emotional state. One young mother tells me how in the midst of a chaotic angry moment with her two preschoolers, she felt herself breathe from her Tantien and the whole situation changed. She described it as "I just… let go – and then, so did they."

Another had a deep somatic experience with the "Hip Walk" the first time she did it. Her hip, which had been injured and painful for years, and was preventing her from the long walks she loved, released as she first learned this exercise. Now when they hip begins to give her trouble, she takes the time to move her awareness there through these movements. "Qi Gong healed my hip!" she tells me.

I have seen this Qi Gong help elderly people with balance issues and those weakened by heart disease, surgery and chemotherapy.

~ Tina Curran, M.S.  
Early Childhood Educator  
T'ai Chi & Qi Gong teacher over 30 years  

I have worked in New York City as a psychotherapist in the field of substance abuse for over 40 years. When I discovered Roots and Branches Five Element Qi Gong I saw how valuable it could be for my clients. Here are some of their responses:

"I feel much better after each class"

"I finally feel the energy of direction and have a plan at last."-said with tears after the Wood Element moves.

"I feel connected to life, I can let go of anger and the urge to use. And it helps with my sleep."

There is no question that this Qi Gong work is helpful in recovery. It relieves anxiety, develops willpower, and promotes a positive sense of well-being.

~ Catherine Cody, L.C.S.W.  
Psychotherapist & Qi Gong instructor  

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