During the ongoing COVID 19 epidemic, Neil is limiting his practice to remote treatment (telemedicine). To arrange an appointment, contact us here or send a text message or voicemail to (310) 453-2235.

Fees: Telemedicine fees are $430 for an initial consultation and treatment and $215 for subsequent treatment. A sliding scale is available based on financial need.

Cancellation policy: It is important that we be notified at least 24 hours in advance of any need to change a scheduled appointment. Unless there is an emergency situation, the patient will be charged the full fee for not keeping the scheduled appointment.

Patients reflect on their telemedicine treatments:

Telemedicine Patient Testimonials:

"I had no idea what to expect when we began remote treatments, but after two regular treatments and a block check, I can say that, for me at least, it works just like an in-person treatment. I am really reaping the benefits, physically and psychologically, as we go through this weird time. I would wholeheartedly recommend remote treatment for any of Neil's patients."

~ Michael G.

Telemedicine Patient Testimonial:
"Neil is a Master Teacher and Practitioner of Five-Element Acupuncture who fully embodies the Ancient Wisdom of this system which is perfectly designed for this unique modern collective experience! This powerful healing modality based on activating the essential of life force to balance and heal body, mind, and spirit is facilitated through distance transmission with incredible compassion and mastery by Neil, who's voice transports me to a deep state of relaxation and receptivity. After the treatment, I experienced a deep state of peace and well-being, and my intense back pain was relieved immediately."

~ Aine Carey, Director

Telemedicine Patient Testimonial:
"I'm a regular patient of Neil's and am currently sick, my doctors have told me to assume I have Covid-19 based on my symptoms. I had an over the phone session with Neil at the start of my illness after which my fever went down and has not returned (it's been 3 days). The session felt oddly the same as in person, I could "feel" my energy settling into my body as it went along and truly believe it has been integral to me feeling stronger now. I offered to share my experience for anyone who might wonder how it works. Highly recommend this method to anyone who needs a session."

~ Janna G.

Telemedicine Patient Testimonial:
"For the past several weeks, I have had what I believe to be a relatively mild - though still very unpleasant - case of Coronavirus. During this time, I have been fortunate to have two remote treatments with Neil. After each treatment, I felt a notable increase in my energy, allowing me to fight on, as well as a strengthening of my lungs and a decrease in anxiety. It is amazing how well these remote treatments work!"

~ Nicholas Y.

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