The Institute of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, under the direction of Neil R. Gumenick, was approved and endorsed by the late Professor J.R. Worsley on January 20, 1999. That approval and endorsement states the following:

"We, J.R. and J.B. Worsley, hereby authorize Neil R. Gumenick to teach and direct instruction in the basic theoretical and practical, classroom and clinical components of Classical Five Element Acupuncture training as developed and taught by us. We also authorize him to certify successful graduates and sign their diplomas, entitling such graduates to be able to participate in advanced training programs, courses, consultations, seminars, and teacher trainings presented or designed by us or based upon our teachings."

J.R. Worsley
J.B. Worsley

20 January, 1999

Students and Graduates share their thoughts about the Classical Five-Element Acupuncture Program...

This was one of the most comprehensive courses that Iíve ever taken. Each segment was so well planned that for each day of the Program, we left feeling complete, heard, seen, and supported. What I have learned this year is invaluable and I will be carrying it forward in my many more years of future practice.

Mili Shaw, DACM, L.Ac.  

This Program is apprenticeship more than training. The mentorship, guidance, and arc of the Program facilitates and nurtures the healer within the system of Five-Element Acupuncture. It is beautiful in its integrity, simplicity, and depth. It honors the tradition and its lineage.

Jeff Beck, M.D.  

Deep! Wide! Full! Rich! The most wonderful part was the Spirit of the Points: the poetry, the wisdom, the possibility. And, then to marry that with the theory and application made it come alive!

Kathleen Port, L.Ac.  

This Program was, by far, the most valuable training I have had in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Patients tell me that this medicine touches them at the deepest levels they ever experienced with any system of medicine. The program was exceptional beyond what I had ever imagined.

Brian Bender, DACM, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.  

A year after finishing the Classical Five Element training and I still reflect on how this course has changed my life. There are few teachers that can hold their students for hours, but Neil and Mary are natural communicators and masters of this medicine. This course leaves you with an unimaginable understanding of your patients, their needs, and the appropriate treatment to change lives. I am forever impacted by both Neil and Mary's passion for this medicine. Thank you both.

Beverly Bragg Ware, L.Ac. Class of 2018 - 2019  

Excellent. Extraordinary. Beyond my expectations, which were high. I highly recommend this to practitioners who wish to learn to heal body, mind, and spirit. This has changed my life, and I am profoundly grateful to Professor Neil Gumenick and his staff for giving me this unexpected gift.

Sun-Ling Chen, M.D. Class of 2016 - 2017  

The Classical Five-Element approach helps the practitioner to touch the soul of the patient, and in the most graceful and respectful way, gently encourage the patient to be his or her most authentic self. This is true inner healing - nourishing and touching that which calls out to be heard and healed. I highly recommend Neil and his magnificent crew of teachers with great love and respect for their love, devotion, and skill in this work.

Anne Alyse Ostis, L.Ac. Class of 2016 - 2017  

The teachers teach with great passion and enthusiasm and they live and breathe the system. The instruction of points and the theory of the system is very clearly explained. The techniques of moxa, needling, and rapport building are taught in a way that I have never witnessed. You really learn how to connect with the spirit of the patient.

Meera Agarwal, M.D. Class of 2016 - 2017  

The instructors are are a blessing. Their comments and critiques are so spot-on at every stage that it is clear that they love both this medicine and the sharing of it. The material itself is beautiful. My novice eyes, ears, and nose have experienced such a learning curve that I am excited for my own sensory future. The interpersonal skills that we so attentively worked on have already shown fruits in my friendships and communication.

Bobby Reilly, Class of 2016 - 2017  

I cannot overstate how important this Program is. It truly brings healing and connection, empathy and rapport back to the field of medicine.

Andrew Lee, M.D.  

Simply stated: the best 5 Element experience in the world. It deepens all knowledge in acupuncture.

Washington Bryan, M.D.  

Beautiful! I feel I got exactly what I was looking for and more. I now know the pure Five Element style of treating patients and I know how rare and precious it is!

Courtney Bird, Oriental Medical Student 

Life changing Program! Such dedication from beginning to end. Iím proud to be an Institute graduate! Thanks for providing the support and guidance to become a Five Element practitioner.

Robin Paravecchio, Oriental Medical Student 

Amazing! I canít believe how much Iíve learned. By far the most fun school Iíve ever attended. Even though it was rigorous and structured at every step, it was satisfying at a deep level. I now feel I have a new vocation that I could happily practice my entire life.

Mark OíKeefe, Oriental Medical Student  

Each session of this Program builds so wonderfully on the foundation laid before. The scope of the Program is truly comprehensive. It is focused on theory, practice, clinical skills, human/patient interaction, personal growth, personal insight, and even spiritual enlightenment. If only education in other places of learning could be so complete!

Andrew Lee, M.D., Class of 2015 - 2016  

I knew this would be an amazing, life-changing experience when I signed up, but this Program has far surpassed my wildest imaginations. Not only have I learned the practical skills to be the healer I always dreamed of being, but the personal growth I have gained in developing these skills has spread to all areas of my life.

Ming Dooley, L.Ac., Class of 2014 - 2015  

What I would like to share with you all today is re-assurance and confidence that this CFEA stuff really works, if you let it. What I'm about to share with you is not so much about my successes but more to instill in you that there is a real reason why people, for instance, will first make sure that the area they're relocating to has a CFEA practitioner or how patients will tell you that they want to keep coming for regular CFEA treatments, as opposed to TCM patients whom we had to convince that acupuncture was good for them. We, almost literally, had to drag TCM patients in for treatments!

In the short few months that I've committed to practicing only CFEA, I have witnessed profound changes and improvements in clients' mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Never have I witnessed acute/chronic physical conditions change and improve gracefully and also with much solidity behind it. Any practitioner of so-called "quick-fix" acupuncture can tell you that is very easy to cause a change, sometimes an instantaneous change, with physical symptoms. However, it almost always lacks solidity. CFEA treatments give patients true healing at their very core.

Conditions that range from acute and severe back pain, chronic vertigo to sciatica have been helped "correctly" by CFEA in my clinic in this past few months. I credit most of it to the method and my belief in it. So, fellow acupuncturists, please give this medicine an honest chance and it can and will blow your a good way, of course!

Ryan Chu, L.Ac., Class of 2012 - 2013  

Very profound information, made applicable with excellent teachings, lectures, supervised patient examinations, and wonderful feedback.

Bob Lifson, M.D., Class of 2013 - 2014  

This is more than didactic information and professional training. This is training for life.

Mary McCullough, L.Ac., Class of 2014 - 2015  

The Classical Five-Element Acupuncture Program is the real deal! The curriculum is comprehensive; the instructors are generous and knowledgeable, and the medicine itself is very profound. After practicing Western Medicine for over 25 years, this elegant style of medicine has renewed my passion for the Healing Arts.

I had taken other Five Element acupuncture courses before enrolling in Neil's Program, and there is simply no comparison when it comes to quality and integrity. I am confident I will have the necessary knowledge, experience, and support to practice Five Element Acupuncture in its pure form when I graduate from this course.

Elizabeth Tukan, M.D. Phoenix, AZ Class of 2007 - 2008  

Neil's class is one of the best organized and best taught that I have ever experienced in 30 years of medicine. The way he models and teaches the skills of interviewing patients is so life-changing that it ought to be taught in every Medical School, every Chiropractic school, in every kind of service profession. It is amazing to see how much patients will tell you about themselves and their problems when they are interviewed in this way. It is equally amazing to see the change in oneself and one's attitude toward patients, staff and people in general. If you want to love your work and love your patients; if you want to really be a healer of the whole person, this is the class for you. I wish I had had the sense to take this 30 years ago.

Marie Schafle M.D., Angels Camp, CA Class of 2007 - 2008  

This course transformed my practice and my life for the better. It has resulted in much better results for my patients and a much greater sense of satisfaction in my work. I very highly recommend this program.

Bruce Eichelberger, OMD, L.Ac., Class of 2012-2013  

There is nothing more gratifying than having a mentor in my life. In this program, Neil is truly carrying on the tradition of this medicine by teaching it the eay it was taught to him by the founder, J.R. Worsley. This is a most noble act and I am proud to continue as his student. I am eternally grateful.

Georgina Leszkay, Oriental Medical student, Class of 2012-2013  

I am glad I stuck it through 4 years of TCM school to finally learn 5 Element acupuncture in this program. I feel I can finally practice the medicine in a way that resonates with me and treats the whole person, including their spirit, which is more important than anything most of the time. Neil, you are an engaging and amazing teacher! Thank you for your dedication and sharing of wisdom!

Lindsay Kohn, L.Ac., Class of 2012-2013  

I love the entire concept of the 5 Elements and the human connection to all of nature. It felt right from the first moment I was exposed to the information. This program has made it possible for me to be me, and to live and work in an environment that nurtures and supports me and allows me to nurture and support others for both our highest goods.

Stephanie Jordan, PSYD, OMD, L.Ac., Class of 2012-2013  

Excellently designed program that has truly changed my life. I had tried running away from acupuncture numerous times in the past, but somehow I was always being pulled back. Now I understand that it was because I had to study this. I was meant to practice Five Element acupuncture.

Ryan Chu, L.Ac., Class of 2012-2013  

This program was excellent - point location, needling technique, learning the spirit of the points was great. I learned a lot about myself and always felt supported. Thank you for the opportunity.

Elaine Chu, M.D., Class of 2012-2013  

Becoming a practitioner of Classical Five Element Acupuncture was always an aspiration of mine, even before starting TCM school. Learning this form of acupuncture at the Institute of Classical Five Element Acupuncture was an incredible experience. Neil is an amazing teacher! He teaches with a charisma and passion for the medicine, instilling inspiration in all his students, unlike any teacher I have had. I'm so grateful for this program as it has given me the ability to practice Chinese Medicine in way that not only resonates deep within me, but also I believe to be highly more effective in restoring not just physical health in patients, but also in their emotional and spiritual well being. My patients love this form of acupuncture and are benefiting greatly. My life and practice are definitely flourishing, I attribute, in my decision to be a student of Classical Five Element Acupuncture. Thank you Neil!

Lindsay Kohn, L.Ac., Class of 2012-2013  
Austin, TX  

A once-in-a-lifetime experience. This course was the best thing I could have done for myself at this point in my life.

Jeanne Snyder, M.D., Class of 2011-2012  

This Program evoked my sensitivity, intuition, and creativity and then taught me a framework with which to use these qualities in the practice of acupuncture. In Classical Five Element Acupuncture, my inspiration and practicality are allowed to come together in an elegant, exciting dance, which is potent for both my patients and myself.

Elizabeth Heffelfinger, L.Ac., Class of 2006  

I feel that I have received transmission in the true manner of this medicine - orally. The journey is just beginning though. Through the years, I will read over and over the spirits of the points and the information about the 5 Elements and Officials that was taught so well in this program. The point locating training is exacting and precise and so rewarding when mastered. The requirement of 100 hours of observation has been a great strength of the program. It was during this time that the magic happened for me. The program took on life and I became excited over the possibility to practice this medicine. If future students are fortunate to observe with the staff of the Institute, they will find supportive and caring mentors, as well as practitioners who are truly masters.

Nona Upshaw, L.Ac., Class of 2009-2010  

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Classical Five-Element Acupuncture course. The people involved in teaching the course are stellar and passionate about remaining true to the fundamentals of J.R. Worsley's style of acupuncture. The strength of the Institute is in Neil Gumenick's charisma, passion, and organization. His magnetic style makes me look forward to each weekend to enjoy the show. I can sit still for hours absorbing much information because of his entertaining style. I love how the lectures are structured with hands-on experiential learning. The professionalism, the content, the expertise, the practical experience are incredible.

Susan Cocke, M.D., Class of 2007-2008  

The teaching in this course is consistently excellent and embodies the true spirit of Five Element acupuncture. EWseare both challenged and empowered in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that makes learning a pleasure. There is a good balance of practical and theory, with plenty of emphasis on clinical application.
Traveling across the Atlantic once a month to attend this course is one of the best decisions I ever made.

Barbara Longley, M.D., Class of 2010-2011  
United Kingdom  

This course opened my eyes and my heart to a beautiful and profound side of acupuncture I never knew existed. It helped me connect with my patients on a deeper emotional and spiritual level I had never reached before. I strongly recommend this course to any practitioner who truly wants to transform the lives of their patients and themselves.

Richele Walters, L.Ac., Class of 2010-2011  
San Diego, CA  

The course has given me more confidence in my ability to diagnose in the subtle manner used in this elegant form of medicine. The effort involved is well worthwhile, because the results we have seen in class treatments have been remarkable.

Diane Foley, M.D. Class of 2010-2011  
Culver City, CA  

This is a rigorous and demanding program for dedicated students and practitioners willing to put forth the effort to learn a paradigm of medicine that can effect significant changes in their patients and themselves. The last acupuncture course that I have taken of this quality and impact was Dr. Joseph Helms' "Medical Acupuncture for Physicians," a training program that profoundly affected my practice and the lives of my patients."

~ Frederick P. Russek, Jr., D.O, Class of 2010-2011  
President, Pediatric Anesthesiology Inc., Las Vegas, NV  

The year long mentorship is amazing. I learned more in four days than I did in four years of acupuncture school. This is the Chinese Medicine that I have been seeking! Classical Five Element Acupuncture addresses the needs of the body, mind and spirit more completely than any other form currently being taught. Neil Gumenick and Eliot Ivanhoe are inspired instructors; their material is fascinating and delivered in a clear and engaging style. They also supervise the experiential component of the program with support and encouragement, which is conducive to maximum integration. I believe that after the completion of this program that I will be able to be an agent of transformation for my patients..

~ Nona Upshaw, L.Ac., Class of 2009-2010  

I feel that this weekend has filled in a crucial missing link in my acupuncture studies. There is so much depth to thjis particular aspect of the medicine, I feel richer having had the opportunity to learn it.

~ Carmen Navarro, L.Ac., Class of 2009-2010  

To my colleagues: So, you have a great practice going but somehow something is missing. The depth of your experiences with your patients isnít enough. There are deeper levels of experience that your patients talk about and you just canít reach or have a lasting effect on through treatment.

The Institute of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture has the answer. Neil Gumenick is a masterful teacher and master of this artful and effective application of the Oriental Healing Arts and, in particular, acupuncture. Through Neil and his teachings, I have found a unique and effective way of treating my patientís deeper and more significant needs on all levels; body, mind, and spirit. Furthermore, my time in with my patients has become more endearing and enduring for us both as people and in the patient/practitioner relationship. The spirit of our medicine is alive and well in the Classical 5 Element style.

~ Ronald D. La Tour, Class of 2009-2010  

Since graduating from the Classical 5 Element Acupuncture course, my practice has not only grown in number of patients, but in quality and level of satisfaction of treatment. In the year since finishing the program, I have had more new patients from referrals than in any other year of my 14 years of practice. Because of the nature of 5 Element acupuncture, these new patients are looking not just for symptom reduction, but true healing on the deepest level. I have more compliance on patient homework, and greater results because my patients are fully involved and committed to their own health. The way I interact with my patients and practice is changed forever for the better. I am beyond grateful.

~ Mikie Geron, L.Ac., Class of 2008-2009  

I want to thank you for your patience and time in learning this style of oriental medicine. I have not had a teacher put this much time into the learning process, especially with the point location. Also, in clinic, I am amazed at the results just one or two points can do. It's like watching people go through a personality transplant in just one or two sessions. I haven't seen TCM or western medicine do that. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge.

~ Donna Guthery L.Ac, RN,MSOM,CFNP, Houston TX, Class of 2008-2009  

The program is an exploration into the heart of our medicine, which not only serves as the foundation for a rich practice, but will lead you on a journey through the depths of yourself. It is the most nourishing thing I have done for myself, and my practice, in years.

~ Adam Gries L.Ac., Class of 2008-2009  

"This program will give you a profound understanding of Five-Element theory, provide you with a powerful system for treating the body, mind, and spirit with acupuncture, tremendously improve your diagnostic and interviewing skills, and transform your life."

~ Eliot Grossman, Attorney and student of Oriental medicine, Class of 2007-2008  

"This program is definitely a life changer. It has improved my practice immensely. It has stretched me to my utmost limits, forcing me to look at parts of my life and practice that I had formerly ignored or neglected, and thusly has helped me to become more whole. It has, at times, caused me nightmares, but has made many of my patients' dreams come true. It has truly been a landmark in my personal and professional development.

It is evident that this program was created as a labor of love. I have taken a great many acupuncture courses in my career and, unlike many of those courses, this instructor holds back no information to keep himself superior to his students. Neil's initial agreement with the student is very similar to the original Hippocratic oath.

I fully appreciate the purity involved in the transferring of the exact knowledge of Classical Five Element Acupuncture to many generations of students with the least deviation from how it was presented originally by the founder, J.R. Worsley. As far as I am concerned it has been done very successfully. I am very grateful for this course."

~ Daniel Brudnak, M.D., Gorman, TX, Class of 2007-2008  

"This Program has taught me how to relate to my patients better by developing my communication skills and lesrning the fine art of rapport. My needling technique is light years ahead of where I was just one year ago by just learning a few simple techniques and that one extra thing that Neil teaches. Learning the spirits of the points and the functions of the 12 Officials are also invaluable - information that I cannot do without since taking his Program. I can confidently say that I am in the top 2% of acupuncturists thanks to Neil, the many wonderful and impressive instructors, and Neil's Program. Don't wait, take this class. You won't regret it!!!"

~ Eric Waltamate, D.C., Class of 2006-2007  

"This method of acupuncture is what I thought I would be getting 18 years ago in acupuncture school, but did not get. In this program, the spirit of this medicine is alive and vibrant. The points, as taught in this program, touch our very soul and feed our body and mind. The treatments are a symphony of points, combined not only to support one's own natural healing mechanism, but to allow one to have a strong and direct core spiritual connection. This type of acupuncture, for me, is the true acupuncture."

~ Susan Dennett, L.Ac., Class of 2006-2007  

"This course has given me what I was originally looking for when I went to school to study TCM. After working for 7 years as an acupuncturist, I felt I was not able to give the patients what they needed. I did not want to practice any more. Now, I look forward to practicing and continuing to grow with Classical Five-Element Acupuncture. I love this system and the guidance that has been given to me during this course. This medicine has helped transform every area of my life. I feel more alive, more aware, and more joyful."

~ Sophia Hartell, L.Ac., Class of 2006-2007

"The class provided a coherent, organized way to effectively use Five Element acupuncture. As this gift is delivered, it is proving able to be integrated into my psychological practice. This has brought great gains to my patients and greater joy to myself in the way I am now able to deliver care."<

~ Alan Blanc, M.D., Ph.D., L.Ac., Class of 2006-2007

The true essence of how and why acupuncture REALLY works for people, and why it doesn't was revealed in this class. Why Five Elements is not properly taught in school is beyond me, but it was done here. All those who practice acupuncture should be required to take this course. Without this training, how can anyone really be in the practice of acupuncture?

~ Cheryl Brooks, L.Ac. Class of 2005-2006

"The nine month program at the Institute of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture changed my life forever. I learned how to create better rapport with my patients, improved my diagnostic skills by using pulse, color, sound, odor, and emotion, and developed a deeper understanding of the spirit of the points. My practice has grown significantly as a result of taking this program. Thank You!"

~ Kim Florez, L.Ac.

"This program evoked my sensitivity, intuition, and creativity - and then taught me a framework with which to use these qualities in the practice of acupuncture. In Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, my inspiration and practicality are allowed to come together in an elegant, exciting dance which is potent to both my patients and myself."

~ Elizabeth Heffelfinger, L.Ac. Class of 2005-06

"The course exceeded expectations. The teaching methods used an excellent mix of didactic, experiential, and modeling in a supportive environment for feedback and enhancing of clinical skills. I am so grateful to be able to learn medicine (healing) in a way I always believed in my heart and soul that it could be practiced.
Many, many thanks."

~ Andrea Kachuk, M.D.

"This medicine gives me a profoundly elegant system that integrates all of my major life experiences: of mothering, of reaching people at the level of love, and of my experiences in nature. I now have a system that I can fully commit to because I have experienced it in a myriad of ways in my life. I carry a new sense of wholeness into the world and into my work as an acupuncturist."

~ Ellen Arndorfer, L.Ac. Class of 2005-2006

"The course went far beyond expectations. Knowing and understanding a body of knowledge is not always synonymous with being a good instructor/mentor. Of the many teachers I have had over the years, Neil is one of the most gifted and vital teachers I have ever had. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

~ Jessica Yadley, L.Ac.

"I would willingly take this program again, and again, every year...for the rest of my life. With this medicine, the opportunity to learn, and more importantly, the opportunity to grow is never ending. The program itself provides a forum that is educational, enlightening, inspiring, safe, and, above all, fun in which to learn and grow. Neil's teachings, mentorship, and friendship make the process of becoming a Classical Five-Element practitioner seem effortless."

~ Corinne Nichols, A.P., L.Ac., Class of 2005-2006

"If you truly want to live your life to the fullest, this program is wonderful place to place to take the journey. This is not a place where you will learn tools of conscious living only to forget about them later. You will not forget these tools, and they will change your life. Here, you will truly become an instrument of Nature and serve your patients with utmost respect and guidance towards health."

~ Desiree Ferrell, Oriental Medical Student, Class of 2005-2006

"This program teaches the missing link between patient and practitioner. It is invaluable to anyone in the medical field."

~ Nhan-Esteban Khuong, L.Ac., Class of 2005-2006

"I would recommend this program to anyone who loves to have fun and is willing to step outside of their "box".

~ Jessica Yadley-Raggio, L.Ac., Class of 2005-2006

"Studying Classical Five Elements Acupuncture has given me an entirely new perspective and approach to my acupuncture practice. The points have come alive and vibrant as I have learned their translations and have gained a much deeper understanding of their applications. This form of acupuncture is like the Tao, beautiful in its simplicity, but far from simple."

~ Jessica Yadley-Raggio, L.Ac Class of 2005-2006

"This medicine gives me a profoundly elegant system that integrates all of my major life experiences: of mothering, of reaching people at the level of love, and of my experiences in nature. I now have a system that I can fully commit to because I have experienced it in a myriad of ways in my life. I carry a new sense of wholeness into the world and into my work as an acupuncturist."

~ Ellen Arndorfer, L.Ac. Class of 2005-2006

"This program evoked my sensitivity, intuition, and creativity - and then taught me a framework with which to use these qualities in the practice of acupuncture. In Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, my inspiration and practicality are allowed to come together in an elegant, exciting dance which is potent to both my patients and myself."

~ Elizabeth Heffelfinger, L.Ac. Class of 2005-06

"This ancient approach to healing is holistic in the truest sense of the word. Under the exceptional guidance of Neil Gumenick, the Program is intensely rewarding and has rekindled my passion for medicine."

~ Angelica Duenas, M.D., Class of 2003-2004

"I am so much more confident in diagnosing as patient's underlying disharmony. The in-depth study and knowledge of the 'spirits of the points' has provided me with a framework to choose a treatment plan that reaches my patients at the deepest levels of their need. This Program was the best career move I've made since my initial acupuncture training at UCLA."

~ Diane McCormick, M.D., Class of 2000

"As a graduate, I was a Teaching Assistant with this year's class. It was truly miraculous to watch students" barriers drop, fears and insecurities disappear, old and ingrained ways of being simply melt before my eyes - to be replaced with keen awareness, the spontaneous joy of accomplishment, and the excitement of having this magnificent system of healing embodied within."

~ Pam Francis, Ph.D., L.Ac., Class of 2002

"The experience of studying Classical Five-Element Acupuncture with Neil Gumenick has transformed my life. I feel more connected to my patients and better able to assess their individual needs. There is such beauty and simplicity to this medicine. Thank you Neil for helping me begin this amazing journey!"

~ Kathleen Keneally, L.Ac. Class of 2003-2004

"If you ever really wanted to practice medicine in a way that touches the very essence of each patient in the way that each needs most - and expands and enriches you with every treatment you give - this is the place to learn how. Neil Gumenick teaches with clarity, compassion, precision, wisdom, and patience. He is the finest instructor I have had in my career."

~ Kim Smith, M.D Class of 2003-2004

"The study and practice of Five Element Acupuncture is a wonderful journey that took me to my own deepest Self and let me discover the very Essence of my fellow human beings. It helped me see Life in its pure and vibrant simplicity and brought me closer to that quiet, peaceful place called Happiness. It enriched my daily medical practice significantly. Neil Gumenick proved to be a very skillful and dedicated guide on this journey, the best you can wish for. His masterful teaching and enthusiasm are a constant reminder that it's only through climbing that we can conquer new and higher peaks."

~ Elizabeth Sebestyen, M.D., Class of 2004-2005

"My senses have been deeply awakened through the study of Classical Five Element Acupuncture. Chinese Medicine has come alive in a new and dynamic way which encourages me to treat the whole patient; body, mind and spirit rather than a described set a symptoms. This class has provided a framework which allows me to deeply touch an individual in a truely transformational way. In this way, no one person can be seen or treated in the same way which will forever keep my approach to this work spontaneous, fresh and interesting."

~ Kara Maxwell L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. (NCAAOM)

"This course is a personal journey as well as a professional one. It is not for the faint of heart. It is an adventure of discovering and confronting one's limitations, blocks and blinders to being effective in any and all areas of life. I am grateful to be a part of this intimate group of humble practitioners; and my respect for the healing process has deepened exponentially. If you want your work to inspire you, enliven you and keep your attention, then this program is for you."

~ Michele Fry, Class of 2004-2005

"Having practiced allopathic medicine for over 20 years, I (and many of my patients) had become disenchanted with the focus on symptoms, and with the negative side effects that are often worse than the disease itself. I was ready for a change, and was searching for a system of medicine that was natural, effective, and treated the problem at the level of cause. I found what I was looking for in Neil Gumenick's course on Classical Five-Element Acupuncture.

Neil is such an effective teacher that having taken the course part-time over the course of a year, at its completion I felt eminently qualified to incorporate this knowledge into my medical practice. Now, I am enjoying my profession again, because my patients are not only getting relief from physical symptoms without unpleasant side effects, but are also getting relief on the deeper and more causative levels of mind, emotions, and spirit. This course has been life-changing for me. I highly recommend it!"

~ Jim Brooks M.D., Class of 2003-2004

"Classical Five-Element Acupuncture is a life changing experience, both as a practitioner and patient. To be able to touch people on such a deep level of healing is truly awe inspiring. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is willing to grow and to help others grow, as well."

~ Martin Murphy, MSTOM, L.Ac., Class of 2004-2005

"Neil is an excellent teacher - dedicated, passionate, and focused. His deep love for Classical Five-Element Acupuncture is easily palpable and generously shared in the class. It is a beautiful opportunity to learn about this deep medicine that touches the spirit so profoundly."

~ Gemma Paton, L.Ac., Class of 2004-2005

"The Classical Five-Element Acupuncture Program offered by Neil Gumenick will cause you to discover new facets of yourself and grow in your ability to be the best practitioner you can be. He teaches with love and passion."

~ Carol Barnes M.D., Class of 2004-2005

"Five Element Acupuncture is not just a system of medicine. It is a way of life that now infuses through and affects everything I do. I am forever changed."

~ Rebeka Ndosi, Class of 2004-2005

"The Classical Five-Element Acupuncture Program has made a huge difference in my life, as well as in my practice. It has taught me to become present in the moment, by paying attention to colors, sounds, odors, and emotions in Nature and in my patients. I have learned that true rapport with a patient can be both magical and humbling. It has helped me realize what a grand gift this system of medicine has to offer others. I have seen through Dr. Judy Worsley, the Master of the Lineage, how high I can reach in this medicine. This system of medicine can make your dreams come true."

~ Deborah J. Barry, L.Ac, Dipl. Ac, Class of 2004-2005

"This is a life changing experience. I have been in the study of medicine for over 30 years and this is the most personally transforming training I have ever experienced. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment, but the rewards are far beyond your imagination. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am getting the needed guidance mixed with a lot of fun, honesty, integrity, and humility. This Program is really a safe place to grow, learn, and have fun at the same time. As J.R. Worsley put it, "It is the best investment you will ever make in your life."

~ May Dow, M.D., Class of 2002-2003

"Studying Classical Five-Element Acupuncture touches my heart and inspires me to awaken my senses and to help others lead fuller, richer lives. Neil is a great and dedicated teacher, full of love for this work and compassion for his students. He has a great desire to see us all succeed. We were all touched by the purity of J.R. Worsley's spirit and by the open-hearted generosity of his wife, Judy. They are master teachers. I can whole-heartedly, and with tremendous gratitude, recommend this program to anyone who wants to treat their patients on a deeper level and discover more about onesself in the process."

~ Margaret Olmsted, L.Ac. Class of 2002-2003

"This Program is by far the most valuable training I have had in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The personal growth that accompanies this program, the excitement of having my patients tell me that these treatments touched them at the deepest levels they had ever experienced with any system of medicine, have made this Program exceptional beyond what I had ever imagined."

~ Brian Bender, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., Class of 2001

"Studying with Neil has been remarkable. Witnessing the positive healing changes in his patients has been absolutely compelling and I could not imagine practicing an acupuncture-based approach to medicine without having this knowledge. I'm continually nourished and motivated by Neil's devotion to teaching this system of healing and I have found these classes to be extremely rewarding, clinically as well as philosophically."

~ Brad Thompson, Oriental Medical Student, Class of 2002-2003

"As a practicing physician for the past 20 years, I have been searching for a deeper connection with my patients, an opportunity to know them at a level I had not previously experienced. Classical Five-Element Acupuncture has provided the tools. Neil Gumenick has provided the mentoring. He offers his tutelage with abundant enthusiasm and remarkable competence. I'm grateful for the opportunity of learning from this gifted teacher."

~ Thomas C. Small, M.D., Class of 2002

"When was the last time you went to work and felt excited, fulfilled, and as if you were on a new adventure with each patient you saw? Classical Five-Element Acupuncture has expanded this energy for me with a system from the ancient Chinese culture that maintains elegance and simplicity that resonates with the laws of nature. The course offered by Neil Gumenick in this beautiful system demonstrates his dedication to carry on the teachings of J.R. Worsley. The course challenges me to stretch my comfort zone, get back in touch with my innate diagnostic abilities, and to help people at a core level that Western medicine rarely reaches. I would recommend this course to anyone who resonates with working at the level of the cause of problems for their patients, enjoys being challenged, and is willing to grow."

~ Annette Zaharoff, M.D., Class of 2002-2003

"This Five-Element training truly stretches me in every direction. As a practitioner, to have my skills of sensing awakened: listening, seeing, smelling, and feeling - means for me as a human being to be so much more fully engaged in this incredible dance of life. To discover that there was a modality in our acupuncture field that embodies the principles of truly being with the wholeness of ourselves and our patients made me rejoice inside. This course of study continues to be a gift of unfoldment, enlightening my experience of what it means to be the meeting place between Heaven and Earth and, in turn, offering that gift back to the world."

~ Esther Platner, L.Ac. Class of 2002-2003

"I am so thankful for the opportunity to take this course. In TCM, diagnosis by pattern and their progressions are treated based on a Zang-Fu herbalist diagnosis of disease patterns. In Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, the diagnosis may have little to do with symptom patterns but much to do with the root, Causative Factor, which has caused the effect, branch symptoms, or illness. In a recent weekend with Professors J.R. and Judy Worsley, I witnessed a dramatic example of this with a patient with a western biomedical diagnosis of "Parkinson's Disease." Of the 4-5 points that were prescribed, not one had a Zang-Fu relation to Parkinson's, yet the patient's transformation was just that. This is acupuncture; this is healing at a level so refined that the spirit, even the soul is touched. I am excited and humbled to be a part of this lineage."

~ Allen A. Stovall, Oriental Medical Student, Class of 2002-2003

"As an acupuncturist trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I have been in search of more - another level to this medicine. In my quest for more, Neil Gumenick, J.R. and Judy Worsley efficiently and eloquently taught me that everything I need is already within me. I just have to be willing to reawaken my senses of sight, smell, hearing, and feeling. To watch them work and interact with patients has been invaluable. Their philosophy and dedication to the lineage of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture are truly inspiring. However, the most important thing I have learned is to trust my instincts because they tell me everything I need to know. The beauty of this knowledge is its simplicity. The Program is awe-inspiring. Thank you Neil, J.R., and Judy!"

~ Joy Pattee, L.Ac., Class of 2002-2003

"Classical Five-Element Acupuncture is an energetic system of allowing a person's unconscious healing awareness to become fully present. The session spent with J.R. and Judy Worsley heightened my awareness as to the power, sincerity, and grace in which this work can be practiced. The experience was mind, body, and spirit altering."

~ J.C. Bobo, M.D., Class of 2002-2003

"Classical Five-Element Acupuncture training brings such a richness and texture to our medicine. It has allowed me to embark on a journey of understanding myself and others that I did not know existed. It is a transformative process that allows us to be clear vessels to assist our patients in their healing. The skills I am learning are invaluable tools for living life to its fullest and making every day an adventure."

~ Michaele Geoghegan, L.Ac., Class of 2002

"Neil is an excellent and dedicated teacher as well as a highly skilled and intuitive practitioner. Neil has been able to synthesize decades of information and insights regarding Classical Five-Element Acupuncture into a coherent, well-taught, and meaningful Program. To find the root cause of a patient's and provide treatment that gets results on all levels (body, mind, and spirit) is the desire of all good practitioners. I can only imagine this Program is what many acupuncturists and other physicians are seeking to finally lay aside the question, "Is there more I could know or bring to my patients' care?" I see Neil's Program, his teaching and shared knowledge of patient care and management as an answer to that ever-present question for all of us."

~ Russell Des Marais, D.C., L.Ac., Class of 2002

"The results I have experienced with this medicine, both as a patient and practitioner, are amazing. This is the approach to healing through acupuncture that so many of us have searched for."

~ Robin Collier, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. And C.H., Class of 2001


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